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Welcome to the Personal Website of Apostle Dr. Godspower Elishason – A man with a commission and a prophetic mandate for this generation.

His calling is purely apostolic with a message of restoration – to build the broken walls of Zion, restoring establishing the Zionists, reviving churches and to rescue the perishing!
He had several visitations from the Lord prior to the birthing of his ministry.

Ø      By July, 1984, God spoke to His bond servant “Son, I am building up my army in these last days, and you (Rev. Dr. Godspower Elishason) is one of my instrument …go and build me an Army”.

Ø      On the 17th June, 1986, when he was having time of fasting and prayers, God spoke and said, “Son, I have not called you to build a church (denomination), but to build churches. The ministry I gave to you is not for a group of people, but for the entire body of Christ…I have sent you forth to set free the captives through prayers and the teaching of My Word”

Ø      During the month of September, 1987 at the instance of another prayer and fasting time, God spoke again saying, “Son the time has come to rise up and do what I sent you: see My Church has forsaken Me the fountain of living waters…go and wake up My Church in your generation, my Word of power is in your mouth, saith the Lord.

So you are welcome on board to be a part of this great endtime commission as you partner with God’s servant through this website.


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